Situsekonomi.com is a media blog that discusses topics around economic and business. The articles on this website are written by me (Rizki Gusnandar, S.E) based on what I have learned so far, so that this website will vary according to its category.

With the existence of several categories on this blog, we can help readers provide reliable and trustworthy information. Some articles posted on Situsekonomi.com are from other sources, but we will not post "copypaste" articles to rewrite articles from these sources to be more easily accessed.

Nowadays, we know that in each country almost always questions economic issues. For that reason, I continue to make writing which I know can provide a solution. On the other hand, in order to make it easier for friends who are still in college to get fresh information from this website.

Situsekonomi.com will keep on growing and trying to provide information that is easily needed for the readers. We also receive input and constructive criticism from readers, so that we can fix existing deficiencies. Please send your replies and criticisms through the contact page.

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